The Mistress

The Lady
I play with passion. What about you? I fuck your mind and blow your brain! 
I embody what you dream about: a ruthless boss, a strict teacher, a
commanding doctor, a rigorous mistress in leather, latex and high heels, an
invincible amazon, a ruthless instructor, a glamorous vamp, an unapproachable
beauty, an agonizing dominatrix and a creative goddess.
The complexity of my natural ability to play and act was already apparent in
my youth. Penthesilea, Jeanne d’Arc, Maria Stuart, and of course, Elektra –
they all fascinated me, not least because of their strength, dominance and
razor-sharp intelligence. Daringly, I made my way through a patriarchal jungle.
Knowing the superiority of the eternally, enticing femininity, I found allies
among the enchanting mistresses of the world. Unapproachable, cool and with
a breeze of sophistication, sadism and enigmatic beauty, I succeeded in
exerting my influence. I gradually became aware of the impact and
consequences of my actions. Men obeyed me, I was able to direct them, and it
was a pleasure to toy with them. At first without gestalt, without a goal, diffuse
and kafkaesque. I finally developed my own personal style: diabolical,
lascivious, creative, unobtrusive and yet assertive …
I am competent in games of tease and denial, chastity and desire, pain and
pleasure, submission and power. Now I am a master in perfection. I’ll ensnare
you in the web of my preference, in the moment of my choice, in a world far
from boredom, distant to every day life and remote from standardized ‘one size
fits all’ design. You will submit to me unconditionally with pleasure and
devotion, while I render you immovable with my piercing gaze, only to
manipulate and toy with you, dominate and command you. And eventually I’ll
release you…perhaps.

Also available in German