My beautiful incredible and powerful Mistress.

Dear Lady Elektra,
I awoke today dreaming of licking and kissing your vinyl boots. Like I was there with you the last time. I feel you are training me to lick them the way you want. That has gone deep into me, that I am learning your way my Mistress. Not just to kiss, but to kiss and worship hard so you feel it.
I can still feel the pressure on my mouth trying so hard to massage your feet and legs through your boots! My passion is to learn, obey and to please you Lady Elektra.
That dream pushed me into deep sub space and the memory of being on my knees that last time, lips around Your strap-on (…)and looking up, listening to your commands – telling me exactly what I must do there for you, and also at home. I can’t wait to be really taken as your girl, totally. 
Moments like that make me know I genuinely have found my perfect Mistress in every way, and make me know I am a FemDom slave, with a passion for bdsm and fetish. It is a privilege to begin to be guided by You Lady Elektra, my beautiful incredible and powerful Mistress. 
Wishing you a wonderful weekend. And looking toward to being in Berlin!

your Slave !