My place as a bitch

Dear Lady Elektra, 
I just wanted to say thank you so much for such a wonderful session yesterday!! I loved meeting you, and the whole experience! Wow!! You really are amazing, and I am grateful for all the effort and planning you put into that session based on my email. An hour really wasn’t anywhere near long enough with you. 
My apologies for not giving you what you wanted at the end. I really wanted to sooooo much. It was such a sweet torture to take that electrics pain for you.. I wish I took more now. I hope you enjoyed my suffering for you, and I really want to try harder next time, to be in agony for you, screaming out!! 
Your outfit was perfect and wow I really loved sucking on your cock. I have definitely missed my place as a bitch for a Domme, and being your bitch really felt sooo good! It is so good to be back in the world of fetish and FemDom and to meet such a natural Dominatrix! 
Such great memories as you said at the end, and of course a few hours later I end up exploding to the fresh feeling of being under your exquisite control Mistress. Can’t wait to see you again Lady Elektra! It was a total pleasure..!! 
Wishing you a wonderful week, and thank you again. 
Your slave ´J ´