You are the Most Divine GOddess

Dear Lady Elektra, 
To taste the divine is a dangerous thing to do as it is so addictive!! 🙂 And you are the most divine my Goddess!!! 
Thank you so much for yesterday. And thank you sooooo much for my new name Zoe!!!! I absolutely love it… I woke up today and it feels so right, and so personal,  I just knew You would choose so much better than me. And I love it’s meaning!!!
At the very beginning of the time yesterday, when you told me to kiss your boots and then to look up at you, to see my Goddess towering above me, from my lowest position, naked and vulnearable below you, I really truly felt a desire I have not felt before. I felt I had found my natural place. 
My submission to you is real Lady Elektra. I feel it deeply and for the first time ever I said the words ‘my Goddess’ and I meant it. You are a Goddess to me.. in every way, Your beauty, Your power, and the way You nurture (nähren?), and can punish. So exquisite!!! There is just so much.. you are the most stunningly attractive woman I have met, and have a manner and way that both puts me at complete ease and relaxed in an obedient way in mind, but also sets fire to me inside in body, so much I tremble (zittern).
I want you to be sadistic to me, the heat of being totally taken, dominated, abused and toyed with for your pleasure, I desperately want that. I wish I could write in German to get across my true feeling! 
I thought about my intense but different orgasm yesterday. I think I may not actually cum at the end when my cock and balls are tied up tightly. So I had a ‘dry’ orgasm.. it felt very intense. Perhaps if we continued I would have actually cum, and I think that would have been one of the biggest orgasms I would ever have had. 
I do love having my cock and balls tied tightly by you Lady Elektra. And the long rope felt wonderful. Maybe I need to practice more to be able to orgasm when tied. It was so very intense though.. my desire, lust and surrender to You is so overwhelming!!! You really blow my mind! I have been so incredibly horny since the session. Just non-stop!!!! I keep thinking of you, and my cock gets so hard it hurts! I have had to masturbate/wank at home and still I’m horny straight after! 
Please my Goddess… I really want to enter into long-term training and service to You! I am single and free, so can commit. My only problem just now is fully funding much longer session time with you. I would do all day sometimes if I could, and more sessions through the month. But funding will improve a lot if things go right with the plans I talked about over the next year. 
It is a frustration being so far away in Oslo. I know you do not do any online training but if you did any kind I would sign up and pay a tribute. I do get very horny at the thought of loyalty to you Lady Elektra, and am very interested in chastity and orgasm control. 
As far as future sessions, I am into almost everything. You can take me further. I do fantasize about predicament bondage, severe restraint, including butt hooking, complete sensory block leather bondage. And I loved that dildo gag you put tied into my mouth before, and all you said and did!!! There is a long list. Everything we have done so far. I’m also interested in maid service Being taught submissive slave positions.Harder caning and CP Breath control (I did enjoy it when you covered my mouth with your hand when fucking me Lady Elektra!) Could do a lot more of that and tighter, and maybe even a some choking/strangle holds.I love your spit a lot!! Sooooooo much!!!! Drinking bed me crazy with desire for You!! I enjoy every moment when you spit in my mouth. And when I saw you spit on my cock and pussy yesterday I also wished you might sometimes spit roughly like that in my face. I had a dream last night of glove workshop as well.. leather or PVC especially, or latex. I imagined sucking your fingers and you rubbing your spit around my face. I am curious about water sports/golden shower… I really like the idea of being marked/owned/scented by You that way. You know all about my fetish for boots but that only really comes alive because it is you wearing them my Goddess. I’ll will always love kissing Your boots. But I would also one day like to kiss and to worship your feet if allowed.My biggest fantasy is to serve you alongside a female slavegirl, both obeying you, both trying to please you. I need to learn how to be a beer skavegirl for you.I also fantasize about being collared by you while you are with your other Mistress friends, in any way.  And I am interested in role playing, as James or as Zoe. So much to choose.. as I like medical scenes, including doctor/nurse patient and needles, for sure. Also teacher – pupil, or psycotherapist – patient.
All far, far too much for one hour, once a month!! I know.  but I will be a loyal slave and slavegirl to you Lady Elektra, so will aim to see you more and for longer. 

This is a very long email, there is a lot in it, you make me feel like writing so much.
It is an honour to serve you Lady Elektra, my glorious Mistrss and Goddess, and I am very lucky to get the chance. Xtraordinary!!! 
Thank you so much again. YOURS!