Interview mit Lady Elektra

Elektra – An Interview with an extraordinary Lady


I am sitting here with a stunning young woman, in her 30`s , tall, slim, and sporty. Lond blond hair, big blue eyes and a lovely mouth. Her Outfit is very discreet and lady like. She is wearing a red a red dress and high heels. In this moment she looks even more adorable to me than on the pictures. Probably it´s her charisma.


Interviewer: Good Evening , dearest Lady Elektra . I am happy you are willing to answere a few questions to me. And to be honest i am pretty excited. And seeing you now, doesn´t make it better.

Lady Elektra: My pleasure. I am curious about this interviwe, too. I take your excitement as a compliment.


I: Tell me, dearest Lady Elektra , surely this is not your given name. Why did you choose it?

L.E.: I am fascinated by strong female characters. Elektra was helping her brother Orest. They were taking revanche on their murder of their father by killing their own mother and Aigistos- the new man in her life who took her fathers place.

I: I am impressed! You seem to know a lot about greek mythology.

L.E.: Well, it´s a part of one of my former life.

I: Are you saying that you got into this kind of knowledge professionaly? Were you a teacher or professor in your earlier life?

L.E.: I studied acting. The classical period was part of it. As was ELEKTRA.

I: That explains it. So you are using this knowledge for your career now?

L.E.: For sure, I do. I believe a god session needs three acts:  a prologue , a climax and an epilogue. It´s about tension and release. And in this role I am director and actress at the same time.

I: You´re just acting?

L.E.: Not really . When I am the dominatrix , i am not playing. Whoever meets me in a session , whoever looks into my eyes, hears my voice , feels my hands , my heels , clamps, whip , experiences how i am one with my role.

I: That makes me really curious. You mentioned that it has something to do with one of your former lifes. Is there anything else, apart from acting, which is interesting to tell?

L.E.: Well, before i started acting , I was sociologist.

I: And you hold a degree in both , acting and sociology?

L.E.: Sure! I tend to finish , what i begin. Whatever you do forms your character. Everthing in life, each and every session. (smiles meaningfully)

I: So here sociology and professional acting come together. Sounds like a perfect training for a mistress!

L.E.: (laughing) Nothing is academical in my sessions. But i have high expectations to myself. To judge the situation, identify hidden desires, which my guest never experienced before, to open new doors and make his fantasies become true in the session with me.

I: Dearest Lady Elektra , could you please become a bit specific about which fantasies men can let become true with you?

L.E.: In the black section I love what people call the Classic English Education. What i want to say is, that i am very close to my slaves. I am almost inside of them. Inside of their fantasies, their cravings, their thoughts , I am in their heads. And this is not the only part in their body , where they sense me.And to answere in advance what you are about to aks now: For sure my slaves is allowed to touch me. I could give give him permission to lick the soles of my boots. He may suck my heels. He may be able to kiss the shaft and lick it from one end to another. Thats half of the way between my knee and my mystique sanctuary. Which indeed , always stays holy , mystique and virgin. Well- behaving slaves are allowed eventually to massage my feet and to caress them. And sometimes I am in the mood , that he is allowed to kiss my soft and smooth nappa leather gloves.

I: Now I have to forces very hard on this conversation. Allow me the following question: Is ´dirty´ also possible with you?

L.E.: I am not a Bizarre Lady . I am not interested on Vomit or excrements. Dirty talking is fun if i already know my guest a bit better. On the other hand there are so many , I´d dare to say infinite possibilities in the classic section, that it surely never ever gets boring….

I: Are there any methods , that you especially love , and what about marks, are they necessary?

L.E.: My demand to myself is, to always leave marks, rather deep marks. But those marks do not have to be seen on the outside. Just a few days ago I met a nice and trustful guest in a hotel. I already knew him from some sessions before. We had almost no toys. He had a few short ropes and i had my stilettos with high heels. His partner is rather suspicious, so we had to be careful with marks. At the climax of our session we were sitting on chairs, one right in front of the other. My heels painfully deep onto his nipples. My eyes sensually deep into his eyes. He was brave. First of all he began to manage the stabbing pain in his nipples. Then we had a shared look and our eyes started connecting ; he sensed how I could see through his eyes into his deep inner life, his soul. He reached a level, where he started forcing his body even deeper into my heels by using his hands pushing them further against his breast. For minutes we were sailing on a wave of absolute intimitate connection, infinite desire , being close but still this unfulfilled demand for union. The biting pain in his breast was the wind in his sails.Later he was nonplussed, that there were absolutely no marks on his breast. But I am sure the marks in his heart, his soul are even more pronounced.

I: That means you are touchable but at the same time untouchable? You are leaving marks, but you are not leaving marks?

L.E.: You don´t dare to ask, if Sex is possible with me? Well , my slave experiences a sexual desire for sure. When he is kissing my boots , when his lips and the tip of his tongue touch warm leather , it´s pure erotic.When he loses himself in my eyes, that´s also erotic. The rustling from the leather of my boots , his whimper , it´s the whole variety from sensual erotic to lustful experience.

But of course, he is not allowed to touch me. Never. SM means different positions: a leader and a person who is being lead. It´s about connection on an energetic level, about superordinate and subordinate, command and obedience, force and helplesness, domination and devotion. It´s incredible erotic, demanding, and also satisfying. Havinf sex in this context is not forbidden, but for me it is simply unnecessary, and I just keep it straight out of my sessions.

I: You are reading my mind, don´t you? I really was about to ask you about this. Tell me, dearest Lady Elektra , are all classic methods part of your Portfolio: like CBT, trampling, flag, ballbusting, slapping, needles, nipple torture, breath reduction, bondage, electric play , golden shower, spitting?

L.E.: All the Classic Methods are part of my repertoire. Last but not least: authentic roleplaying, kidnapping, long term imprisonment and clinic sessions.

I: What is your favourite?

L.E.: That really depends on my counterpart, or better: on my sub. What arouses him as also a pleasure for me to do. I am satisfied with my session , when he reaches the subspace. Whatever it takes to get there, in this moment is my favorite method. I empathize with him, feel his pain and that´s why I exactly know  what he really needs in this moment.

I: Is there any outfit you prefer?

L.E.: I love leather ! Of course my well-trained body looks stunning in very tied latex, especially glossy ones with silicone. that looks exciting. Aficionado may have a look at the pictures on my website. Just follow the section `latex and clinic´. But really my favorite is leather. But i am also starting to get into the uniform look. Just now I´m getting tailor -made breeches from the thirties for me, made of thick leather. Also an original jacket from former East-Germany. Whoever is into stuff like this should keep an eye on my web page. New pictures coming soon.

I: How does it feel? Isn´t it something like carnival?

L.E.: Absolutely ! At first I could not really imagine how I would fit into this. A guest was asking me to give it a try. He was generous. He brought me some breeches, which were perfectly matching my slide boots, So these breeches with a white blouson from Burberry, black braces, a cap made of leather , matching gloves, and an arm tie. At first it felt strange to me. But when I tried the outfit, I felt so much ease with it that i did not want to take it off again. Later we went to a restaurant in an old colonial style. Except fot the hat I wore the wole outfit, because I just loved wearing it so much. I was the officer. He was my subordinate. We both enjoyed it very much.

I: Slowly I am getting a little bit jealous about these men who can experience that.

L.E.: Well, wen can change that …


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