Philosophy of the Lady

,,Light breaks where no sun shines; Where no sea runs, the waters of the heart Push in their tides.“ (D.Thomas)

Dominatrix Elektra welcomes you as a patron of pain, humility and lust.
An existence-threatening encounter with your goddess will make you confront
the essence of your being. Do you consider yourself to be safe and secure? A
distraught uneasiness is justified, because your wanton desires arouse in her
burning passions. Simultaneously, both cruel and tender she’ll reveal to you
the abyss of your soul as you succumb to the weight of your obsessive desires.
Her unrelenting dominance will lead you to total loss of control and expose to
you an uncertain depth of your own existence. A dark and dismal cry escapes
your bosom unwillingly. Your deepest, darkest desires drag you further into a
morbid world of craving, torment and ultimately self-abandonment. She’ll
design a labyrinth from your dreams, culminating to excess, the perfect
dissolution. Beyond your physical and mental limits, a new form of pleasure
and sensuality awaits you. You’ll lose the sense of time and for the moment
there remains only submission to your Dominatrix. You will come to channel the
inferno of desires as your overwhelming thirst for excess will be quenched, a
fusion with perfect beauty initiated, your unbridled weaknesses transformed
and your wounds from craving sexual dependency healed.
I’ll lead and accompany you on your path of pain, despair and transformation
to deliverance. You will burn and be reborn anew.
Do not cling desperately to a supposed identity. The destruction and creation
of your being, your physicality, is the responsibility of your Creator –
Dominatrix Elektra.
Do you already feel how good it will do you?

Also available in German