Discover secret desires

Become aware of your disorderly weakness – in the hands and under the sensual views of your goddess.

I love classical dominance. My favorite practices are:

  • authentic role playing games
  • bondage, restraint, foil
  • shoe and foot fetish
  • Kidnapping , Overnight. long term eduction
  • Leather! Latex! Fur!
  • clinic
  • caning, flagellation, slapping
  • bastinado, electroplay
  • petplay
  • sissification
  • strap-on
  • restriction, breath control, face sitting
  • CBT, nipple torture, weights, clamps, wax
  • needles
  • golden shower, spitting
  • latex, rubber, leather
  • wrestling

Tabus: Oral-Sex / Sex / Caviar 

Transcendence, Dream Travel, Hypnosis

Transcendence, Dream Travel, Hypnosis

Together, we will open the door to your subconscious and access hidden
levels of consciousness that have remained unexplored until now.
Hypnotic speech patterns that we develop together elevate you into a
trance state. Unconscious desires, longings and deep-seated needs
become visible and a deep satisfaction of them is realized. You will be
guided meditatively and into trance during the SM session, that will
involve all your senses, resulting in a much more intense experience.

Do you fancy such a journey with Lady Elektra? Do you want to open
yourself completely to her and are you ready to change your state of
consciousness? Would you like to glide through the SM session and
experience deep stimulation on different levels of consciousness? I look
forward to receiving your request!

Clinical Sessions
Clinic games: anal stretching, enemas, dilation, catheterization, needling, injection.
Lady Elektra examines you and offers persuasively and competently the appropriate
therapy for your ailment. The applied academical medical methods are refined with
intuition and infused with her deeply perceptive empathy.
Smoke Fetish
She dresses nonchalantly
and lasciviously in knee-length boots and a tightly pulled leather
corset. She holds her cigarette indifferently as it hangs from her lips, then, squeezes her
red sensual lips tightly around it, inhales deeply and slowly. She grins at you kneeling
before her, fixated in ropes. Now, she consciously exhales the smoke in a steady stream of
her breath directed into your face. You have no other choice but to put up with the
provoking sight of your wicked blond goddess, who you now can only perceive through a
veil of smoke. She is, without a doubt, addicted….to your submission and vulnerability, to
your pain and to your steadily growing and burning flame.
Long-term Training, Overnight Sessions
“Do not go gentle into that good night…Looking for a mind-fuck and want to test your
limits?! Let the games begin! Do you wish to discover your limits? The limitations of your
mind? Forget time and space? Or just simply play? Deliver yourself into the hands of a
beautiful dominatrix for an entire night or even days. Experience the rigorous control and
discipline from an external power and exotic authority embodied in Lady Elektra.
Authentic Role Playing, Kidnapping, Overpowering, Subjugation
Fast, elegant and strong…headstrong, and untamable. Would you like to measure your
strength with an Amazonian? Let yourself fall into the hands of this strong beauty? But
woe, you let your guard down: An incalculable risk, because she will overwhelm you in
seconds and render you submissive. Your cherished freedom will abruptly disappear.
This dictatorship has a name: Dominatrix Elektra. Falling in the clutches of this proud
Amazonian, you alone are subject to her sudden whims. She will use you mercilessly,
while treating you as her prey.
Don’t count on being safe in any place within her reach. She will find you anywhere and
everywhere and drag you back into the darkness of her catacombs.
Wrestling, Scissors…
Climb into the ring and experience a breathtaking ‘scissors session’. Not enough? Then
prepare yourself for a fascinating ‘competitive bondage wrestling match’. It will be a
devilish pleasure for this athletically trained Lady to overwhelm and immobilize you
completely. She will take your breath away while she uses you as the object of play for
her whimsical desires.
Material Fetish
Experience your latex dreams: feel, touch, smell and enjoy! Let Lady Elektra wrap you in
latex and be the object of her frivolous desires. She’s your latex dream! Look at her, smell
her, touch her! Be her little toy! ‘She wanna play with her latex doll!’
Smell and touch the robust, tight, black leather corset on your Mistress. She is also
wearing black leather knee boots, tight leather pants or a miniskirt. Distant and self-
confident, she will rear up in front of you, shuddering deprived and desperate, you will cling
to her. Pressing your face passionately and needy into the leather of her perfect body, you
beg continually for her attention.
Fur and Nylon
The Venus in fur, once set on her pedestal, will not descend from her throne of glorification
until you, in awe, have dressed her in nylons and attached them to her garters. At the
slightest negligence, you will feel the cruelty of her pedantry. Simply typical: Venus in fur.
Golden Shower and Spitting
As a dedicated connoisseur, you naturally understand the gustatory pleasures of life. You
will eagerly receive and devour with fervor, fluids from a distant kiss, as well as the well-
tempered champagne of your lady… and if fortunate, will feel the warmth of her precious
nectar on your entire body.
CBT, Nipple Torture, Weights, Clamps, Icecubes and Wax, Needles
Lose yourself in the torment that Lady Elektra bestows upon you, as a reminder of your
commitment of self-abandonment and obedience to her. She’ll test you and bring you to
your limits, forcing you to your knees as you fly to new ecstatic heights. Taking control of
your body, she’ll allow you to disolve within your long-yearned-for pangs. You’ll endure
more and more gratefully: a sensual pain, whose acceptance of which, fills her with pride.
Because you were the one, my slave, who suffered for his Mistress.
English Education, Flogging, Slapping and Bastinado
Dressed in a white blouse and black pencil skirt, with her silky, long hair pinned up in a
tight bun, the Lady enters the room sovereignly. She towers above everything with her
seemingly never-ending, long legs, whose perfect shape culminates in a pair of elegant
high heels. Striding through the room condescendingly, she gathers a switch in passing
that she let’s swing and crack with pleasure. It is a promising sound and one that you both
love and fear. And you look to her face with hope, but hoping for what? Before losing
yourself in uneasiness, you feel the hard surface of her hand against your face. An
unexpected moment of shock. It dawns on you that this Lady will show no mercy. There is
no evasion here, no escape to your comfort zone. What this Lady now let’s you feel, can
teach you only one better thing, and still enliven you.
Sissification, Transformation, Strap-On and Whore Schooling
The game with the eternally enticing femininity. The female creature: hauntingly beautiful,
she strides a room majestically. She wears a fur and blanketing beneath, a precious silk
dress, silk stockings and black high-heels. A sensual and carnal scent touches you lightly:
a wisp of sensual pleasure. She is beyond reach in her feminine perfection. You want
nothing more than to meld with her in this moment. You want to be ‘her’, to perceive the
world through ‘her eyes’, to feel what she feels, smell what she smells…to be just like ‘her’.
She will fulfill you this wish, transform you and bring to light all the facets of your own
femininity. Happy to have this additional side of you revealed, you will want to dance for
her, move like a model on a catwalk, submit yourself to her as a whore or lady and utterly
forget yourself in your new identity.
Electric Games and Violet Wand
Her portfolio extends from stimulating tingling sensations, to an irresistible humming and
buzzing of your most sensitive limbs, and beyond to the biting pain. Do you like only the
sensual illusion of electric pads placed on your most sensitive spots, that feel like the
tender hands from your Mistress? Or do you already suspect how you will languish from
the stingingly, sharp electrical shocks. How you initially endure such cruelty and severity
from your mistress, without her even leaving a mark on your body, only later desperately
needing more and more, so you feel her more deeply while surrendering yourself to her.
How you make her proud. Proud of you sacrificing yourself in devotion to her; proud of
you burning in dedication to her, proud of you enduring so much only to be closer to her.
Shoe and Foot Eroticism
Do you enjoy long legs, when full of promise, as they direct your eyes upward? Do you
love it when these wonderful legs are bound in elegant, high-heeled, thigh-high, black
pointed leather boots? Does the sight of bare thighs protruding out from high boot legs
only to disappear again under a leather skirt or hot pants make you crazy? You hear a fine
rustle as the leather rubs together. You know exactly how the leather of the boots feel at
thigh-level, but you want to feel it now…touch it tenderly with your hands and even taste it
with your tongue. Your tongue is willing to clean it, your lips are eager to kiss it. Are you
already willing to tongue-bathe her boot-soles, thereby making a gesture of humble
obedience to your Mistress Elektra? Do you yet dare this ritual of self-abandonment and
 submission? Suck the high heel, slave, deep into your mouth…and show your Mistress
your devotion to her!
Or do you need your Mistress to give you a solid kick with her firm riding boots to your
vulnerable groin, thus throwing you off your bearings initially, but showing you completely
new aspects of your experience. Unexpectedly, you feel another dense boot to your flank
and are filled with a mix of emotions and reactions: fright, pain, irritation, pursuit,
experiencing, surrender, abandonment and desire…
She stands heavily upon your hands lying flat on the floor and you wish ever so much, that
she would not just only wish to impart her sense of touch here.
Bondage (suspension), Fixation in Plastic Wrap, Segufix-Restraint,
Ropes, Butt-Hook, Handcuffs, Footcuffs and Shackles, Leather Straps
The ropes snuggle tightly, your body immobile, and you have lost all control from your
head to your toes. The Lady overwhelmed you cunningly and has taken control. Either
bound in strong chains or in an arrangement of ropes, with no begin nor an end, you’re
confused and at the mercy of this unusual Lady. “What has happened to me and what is
she doing, I can no longer move, even an index finger. Have I been hogtied and will I ever
get out of here?” An interplay of lust and pain begin now, as her heels caress your lips, but
bore into your nipples. “But where to go with this intensity and sensations, shall I rise up
against such pleasure and delight?” The tall Lady’s sharp, piercing eyes look upon you,
penetrating your mind, her gaze fixed intently, she paralyzes you. The body tightly tied can
offer no defense and your mind has already unconditionally surrendered. Reaching for the
ends of her rope, don’t forget now to breathe, she pulls and she drags you across the hard
floor. This Amazonian moves her prey to a place where she will administer her will,
perhaps execution. Your scream and you grovel and beg for her mercy. You appeal to her
honor, her greatness and beauty. But how should this appeal, from the bottom of your
heart sound: Take me my Lady, I bow deeply to you, to your untouchable, invulnerable yet
delicate, frail beauty. I belong to you both, only you two have proven, your power of
control and intense inspiration!
Classical Domination, No Sex, No Intimate Contact

Also available in German