To be, or not to be (a slave), that is the question

To be, absolutely to be, if you want to be a slave to Lady Elektra. You will in awe of this beautiful, athletic and engaging Domina. After a charming and engaging conversation, where I was able to freely express my inner most and darkest desires, but also my limits, I was given the opportunity of submitting to this strong, passionate, and tactile German goddess.
In the amazing Leather Room at Studio Avalon, I endured expertly tied rope bondage on the frame, where my ass was an given energetic beating with Mistress’s hand, but also the crop, whip and cane. The combination of a warm sunny Berlin day and being encased in latex from hard to toe was getting to me, and considerately Mistress unzipped my catsuit, before securing me to the bench and rehydrating me with a drink of her delightful Champagne. My final experience was to be restrained inside the restriction box, and produce a ’spritzer‘ for Mistress, whilst gazing into her beautiful eyes and enthusiastically licking her boots soles and heels.
Mistress, I will never forget my first visit to Berlin, thanks to an incredible afternoon in your presence. I now long for a second visit. I hope I kept you entertained, especially trying to count my punishment in German. You have a special place in my heart, as to do your incredible boots.
Your English poet in bondage
Shakepeare Geoff xx

Also available in Englisch