You can see into me and find the truth

Dear Lady Elektra, 
Thank You so much ? I will wait until Saturday or Sunday and will then know if my flight is cancelled. So definitely yes to a Skype session soon, here in (…), and to Your tribute. Can you tell me how I can transfer the money? 
I am very happy to session as Your slave in any form my beautiful Mistress, so yes, happy to be as a male to You as well.
You are so very different Lady Elektra. I honestly and deeply feel very overwhelmed by You, and it feels incredibly natural to me to fall immediately to my knees before You. I feel You can see into me and find the truth… that is a rare thing, and I value meeting You so much!!! ?
I have not felt this way before with anyone. Ever. I am very happy to be slave james before You, and it genuinely feels so good to be Slavegirl Zoe now as well. 
I want to work harder at being Slavegirl Zoe, in attitude and looks/clothing. It matters, as You said before, I should try with all my passion to excite You, as my beautiful deserving Mistress.
Been thinking about how to do online sessions. 
I am at such a stage in life I genuinely feel the need of someone to lead, to control and to push me. I could try to find a mentor, but in all honesty I keep thinking of You Lady Elektra. You are the most incredible combination of stunning beauty, beyond breath-taking power, superior intellect/knowledge, and mind-melting sex appeal and fetish taste that drives me into a rapture!!!! So who better to give in to?? Please Lady Elektra ?
Is there maybe a way to keep up more regular contact online, and tribute regularly for Your time, for You to lead me a bit more. 
Can report on real life, but maybe set me tasks.
I could try to learn German at Your instruction? Do more physical training and report to You? Do any task You set? 
Wish there was a way to work for You? So You benefit, financially or in some way. Anything? I am an English language journalist, magazine editor and designer, can do digital marketing, used to be a researcher and photographer, and can do all kinds of practical things. Would do almost anything I could for You!! 
I will try to improve my clothing and look for You Lady Elektra. I can become a much more devoted slave. I want to be a better slave to You. Can begin chastity training, and orgasm control, so I become very tied to only You Lady Elektra. 
Just some early thoughts my Mistress. 
We can wait until next week to begin.. or..I could do a 30-minute Skype session tomorrow or Friday to get things started.
The only thing is those days can not be with sound from me, as there are guests in the neighbour apartment. They might wonder at the things I would be saying back to you! :)) But I could wear headphones to hear You speak my Mistress, and I could write text back to You. Might work? 
And I will be in Berlin as soon as I get back to Europe and travel is allowed. I really loved being with You Lady Elektra. 

Take care extraordinary Lady ElektraYour slave /Slavegirl Zoe

Also available in Englisch